Introducing the new zombie killing machine!

29 Sep

So hubs thinks that in bringing a gun home (which costs more than my first car, AND my second car) that I will not be angry if he also includes zombie killing bullets. I have to admit, the bullets with little green tips are pretty kick-ass, BUT it’s an awfully pricey gun and he ain’t no Rambo! Tomorrow we are going to go shoot up some zombie targets. Okay, the zombie target practice sounds kick-ass as well, but I am in NO WAY endorsing spending more on a gun than you would on a car. Zombie target pics to follow. Melvin the Dry Cleaning Zombie had better not try to come around MY house.
Speaking of Melvin the Zombie, he also makes a guest appearance in my newest book, Pride and Prejudice and Vampires releasing in October. He’s not actually in THAT story, but included in a bonus selection of short stories in the back. Can’t you just wait?


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